About Us

Inter Continental Battery

Who we are

INTER CONTINENTAL BATTERY was created in 2015 in Belgium. The brand was launched by INTERPART IMPEX which is a trading company located in Waterloo, Belgium.

INTER CONTINENTAL BATTERY is specialized in the distribution of high quality batteries. We are exporting our batteries in many countries around the world. Our goal is to provide a high quality product with at affordable price.

All our products are based on German technology. Our batteries are designed to supply a suitable level of power and durability for all types of gear. We manufacture batteries for differents utilities: car, heavy duty, AGM, marine, agricultural and industrial batteries.

  • Quality

  • Performance

  • Innovation

Our mission

Our mission is to become a leading provider around the world by using the newest technologies in our batteries. Our main purpose is to provide our customers a high-quality and ecologic product.

To achieve this, we are always be up-to-date with new technologies and new energy solutions that will meet tomorrow’s challenges for performance, quality and environement.

Our priority as a company is to sustain our growth by creating long time partnership with companies that share similar values.